Xûr's fucked off


It's that time of year! Please consider a donation to some charities. A personal fav is: Toys for Tots

Public Xûrvice Announcement

This new site is a lean, mean, Xur finding machine. Scroll down to learn more about what's changed, and what it means for YOU.

Also, we still have a new(ish) Destiny news site, a Discord bot, a Twitter (we're not calling it X), and an Instagram. Maybe even more soon? Haha jk… Unless…?


New Fucking Site

Sup everyone. Things got a little freshened up around here.

Many years ago we settled down on a site design that worked really well, and has stood the test of time. The code the site was built with though, and the content of the site itself (outside of xur of course), did not stand quite so well. Did you know that there was an empty box on the homepage where spider's daily currency sales were supposed to be shown, all the way up to 1.5 years past when Spider didn't exist in the game anymore? I'm going to cringe about how slow I was to do something about that for the rest of my life. The way the site was built made it harder to tweak and improve things, and so we're fixing that.

The site may look mostly pretty similar to before, but believe me, internally everything has been completely rewritten. We've slimmed everything down, cutting out features and pages that weren't as popular or useful, and focused a lot more on our core goal: get you Xur's information with as little bullshit as possible, and with some jokes thrown in here and there. Things should be a lot easier to tweak going forward, and we've already got some ideas for even more improvements we can make, so expect some more good shit coming your way from us soon.

Check out the box to the right (or below if you're in bed on your tiny phone screen) to see what exactly has changed, if you're curious. In the meantime, I think that's everything... for now. We'll let you know when we have more, hopefully it'll be sooner than a year and a half this time.

- NotDisliked

What The Fuck Is New?

  • Removed many pages and features that weren't used much, including the data page, guides, non-xur info on the homepage.
  • Made Xur's location BIG on the top of every page, so it's always right there when you need it.
  • Added all of Xur's wares to the homepage, with a new tooltip to read exactly the perks and stats the gear rolled with.
  • Added a countdown for when Xur comes and goes every week.
  • Fixed up the themes (shaders) system we had and brought them front and center.
  • Completely rewrote every piece of code that made the site tick.


Yo. We've got a Discord. It's pretty cool (not biased).

You should maybe join it or something idk.

Official WTFIX Discord

Community Xûrvice

While it's true that we have a propensity for naughty curse words, we also have big hearts. In that spirit, we want to use our site traffic for the greater good, and one of those initiatives is to draw attention to charities, causes, and non-profits supported by members of our Discord community.

Disclaimer: the members of WTFIX have expressed a range of feelings on the topic of abortion, and we in no way shape or form expect that our beliefs align with everyone who is a member of our discord or a fan of the site. That being said, I think I speak for the crew when I say we do not think it's the government's place to tell someone what to do with their bodies.

In that spirit, check out Fund Texas Choice and consider making a donation. If nothing else, click around the site and inform yourself about what's going on down there.